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We offer customized semantic data integration solutions based on our

Semares platform

and a broad range of bioinformatics analytics services

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The impact of data analysis on your decision making is often enormous

The result of your experiment paves the way for years of research, the outcome of your study reveals new treatment options for patients, analysis of gathered information lead to the design of innovative product lines, integrative analysis allows patient stratification and improved study protocols – already these few examples highlight the key role played by appropriate data analysis in all areas of life sciences.

The crucial steps are:
I. Getting the data
II. Getting the data analysed appropriately

A clear comprehension of a project and of experimental protocols is required to perform comprehensive data quality controls or identify suitable databases, both in order to verify that the datasets are qualified for the planned analyses.

The quality of the next step, analysing the data and showing the results in any format, depends on a solid understanding of data characteristics and statistics.

Genevention provides data management and computational analysis solutions for a broad range of life science research projects

Our experienced data scientists will help you to design studies, identify and organize data and apply cutting-edge machine learning techniques to gain deep insights.

Various successful projects with different partners from academia and industry underline the broad spectrum and high quality of our services.

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