Data Integration Systems

Create knowledge by semantic integration of data from different disciplines

Today, technological advances allow studying biological systems in high-throughput mode and yet unseen resolution. Enormous quantities of important data are created. One big challenge is to make these data evaluable and interpretable:

  • To seamlessly connect data from large-scale sequencing to tissue and cell-specific behaviour in various conditions like health and disease,
  • To generate integrated Omics-knowledge and also connect to the phenotype,
  • To combine findings from different disciplines and different scientific institutions.

  • Data sharing within internationally and interdisciplinarily collaborating teams is not new but the volume and nature of content requires refined systems. The ultimate goal is to leverage the power of upcoming and existing datasets within a research group, an institution, a consortium, or published in the world wide web by making them FAIR and in parallel, keep control over your data.

    Genevention international research

    ” We are part of an international research consortium and need tools allowing data sharing, integrated analysis and finally, publishing of our complex data – all in harmony with the FAIR principles and data ownership control.“

    Benefit from our Semantic Data Integration Solutions:

    Data without meaning is difficult to interpret – we connect biomedical big data with expert-curated domain knowledge and external databases, adding a semantic layer to it. From genes to pathways or drugs, by inclusion of curated databases, automated metadata extraction or literature mining – the semantic layer allows to connect data across entities, experiments and concepts. We leverage ontologies to ensure these connection even work across different knowledge domains and annotation layers – to generate smart biomedical big data!

    Whether for intelligent downstream analyses or interactive visual exploration-semantic augmentation allows you to “dive” into your data as never before. We develop semantic data integration systems that are tailored to your needs, provide easy-to-use interfaces, automated annotation and analysis tools and sophisticated visualization layers. Embrace your data with our SDI solutions! Contact us!

    Semantic data integration in action

    SEA (SmallRNA Expression Atlas) is an example of a data integration system that has been co-developed with Genevention. The platform allows exploration of many publicly available sRNA transcriptomics datasets. Automatically extracted and expert-curated metadata augment the datasets with disease phenotypes, tissue annotation and various confounding factors. The query for datasets with particular phenotypes or characteristics is guided by suggestions based on ontologies – allowing the flexible identification of relevant data. Metadata can be used for filtering and selecting phenotype comparisons according to investigated conditions.