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Genevention is a bioinformatics company that brings together long-standing experience in semantic integration of biomedical big data, cutting-edge deep data analyses and sharp visualizations for interactive data exploration. Our aim is to combine these technologies to allow biomedical researchers, pharmaceutical engineers and bioinformaticians to discover disease-specific biomarkers, reveal novel correlations in datasets across different experiment types and easily enrich experimental data with information from the literature and external databases. Our services include the custom-tailored development of semantic data integration systems, the provision of expert-curated biomarker knowledge bases based on high-throughput-omics data and the investigation of biomedical big data using artificial intelligence approaches.

Dr.Thomas Lingner


Thomas is a data scientist with a strong background in computational biology. His expertise covers data mining & machine learning, high-throughput sequence analysis and metagenomics.

Dr Thomas Lingner
Dr.Thomas LingnerCo-founder / CSO

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bonn

Co-founder / Advisory Board

Stefan is a biochemist and computational biologist with a strong background in deep learning and data analysis.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bonn
Prof. Dr. Stefan BonnCo-founder / Advisory Board

Dr. Herbert Stadler

Co-founder / Advisory Board

Herbert is a neuroscientist and successful biotech entrepreneur.

Dr. Herbert Stadler
Dr. Herbert StadlerCo-founder / Advisory Board

Title: DNA Methylation-Mediated Modulation of Endocytosis as Potential Mechanism for Synaptic Function Regulation in Murine Inhibitory Cortical Interneurons
Authors: Daniel Pensold, Julia Reichard , Karen M J Van Loo, Natalja Ciganok, Anne Hahn, Cathrin Bayer, Lutz Liebmann, Jonas Groß, Jessica Tittelmeier, Thomas Lingner, Gabriela Salinas-Riester, Judit Symmank, Claas Halfmann, Lourdes González-Bermúdez, Anja Urbach, Julia Gehrmann, Ivan Costa, Tomas Pieler, Christian A Hübner, Hartmut Vatter, Björn Kampa, Albert J Becker, Geraldine Zimmer-Bensch
File: (PDF)

Title: Realistic in silico generation and augmentation of single cell RNA-seq data using Generative Adversarial Neural Networks.
Authors: Mohamed Marouf, Pierre Machart, Daniel Sumner Sumner Magruder, Vikas Bansal, Christoph Kilian, Christian F. Krebs, Stefan Bonn
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-14018-z
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Title: SEA: The Small RNA Expression Atlas
Authors: Raza-Ur Rahman, Abdul Sattar, Maksims Fiosins, Abhivyakti Gautam, Daniel Sumner Magruder, Joern Bethune, Sumit Madan, Juliane Fluck, Stefan Bonn
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1101/133199
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Title: Nuclear Pre-snRNA Export Is an Essential Quality Assurance Mechanism for Functional Spliceosomes
Authors: Becker D, Hirsch AG, Bender L, Lingner T, Salinas G, Krebber H.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2019.05.031
File: (None)

Title: Cellular Gene Expression during Hepatitis C Virus Replication as Revealed by Ribosome Profiling
Authors: Gesche K Gerresheim, Jochen Bathke, Audrey M Michel, Dmitri E Andreev, Lyudmila A Shalamova, Oliver Rossbach, Pan Hu, Dieter Glebe, Markus Fricke, Manja Marz, Alexander Goesmann, Stephen J Kiniry, Pavel V Baranov, Ivan N Shatsky, Michael Niepmann
DOI: 10.3390/ijms20061321
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